WordPress vs Static HTML- A Complete Comparison

By | October 15, 2018

WordPress vs Static HTML- A Complete Comparison

WordPress vs Static HTML: Is it accurate to say that you will dispatch a site however not certain how to begin and which approach to begin??? In this post I will portray what’s the upside of utilizing WordPress over a static HTML site. On the off chance that you had an engineer disclose to you that you require a HTML site or was pondering in light of the fact that you had heard this somewhere else, at that point you’re in the perfect place. I think the response to this inquiry lies in the response to a definitive inquiry – ” What would you like to do with your site?” Both the ways have certain weaknesses. Nonetheless, there are a few perspectives where a basic examination can do the needful.In this article, I am will think about the WordPress versus HTML and what’s suits you the best for your site.



 What is wordpress???

WordPress vs Static HTML


Comprehensively, WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS). Content Management Systems enables us to deal with our site from an easy to use interface.

You can roll out every one of the improvements on your site from an administrator territory which is very straightforward, notwithstanding for supreme beginners. The UI composed is exceptionally basic, clean and easy to understand that even a non-specialized client can likewise figure out how to explore it with no unique learning. It is anything but difficult to alter and post in WordPress without stressing over the coding. Enabling 25% of the sites on the web, WordPress is an open source CMS that comes free of cost. Having said that, how about we investigate the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing WordPress.

Advantages of using WordPress:

  • Simple to Update – You can just login to your WordPress site and include new pages without paying your engineer. WordPress is anything but difficult to utilize and has a natural UI, which makes it simple for you to make or refresh pages on your site.
  • Proficient Templates – There are a great many instant layouts that you can use on your site. These topics are created by experts from everywhere throughout the world.
  • Unbelievably Powerful – WordPress sites can be effortlessly stretched out with modules. By introducing modules, you can add any usefulness to your current site, for example, including a contact frame , addind a reservation framework, including a photograph display, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.
  • Full control and Ownership – You gain full power of your site, its area name, and every one of its substance. You can roll out any improvements you need, and there is no restriction on how much your site can develop in ubiquity, movement, deals, and clients.

Disadvantages of using WordPress:

The main hindrance to WordPress is the upkeep. WordPress should be taken exceptional consideration of with regards to refreshing module, topics, and the whole framework. Furthermore, you can pick figured out how to have suppliers who will guarantee that the security of your WordPress site is never traded off.

WordPress is simple however amateurs should allude online instructional exercises and complete materials to take in the working.


What is a static HTML website???

WordPress vs Static HTML

HTML is the markup dialect used to show site pages. Most sites on the web utilize HTML with an assortment of markup and scripting dialects to make website pages.

Dissimilar to WordPress, HTML dependably requires contracting capable HTML designers to make sites. HTML based sites are not just satisfying the prerequisites of little and developing business yet in addition associations that have changed necessities.

Having said that, Let’s investigate preferences and weaknesses of a HTML site for your business.



Advantages of using static HTML websites:

  • All the cutting edge, and in addition conventional programs, bolster HTML. At the point when contrasted with other programming dialects, HTML is available on the greater part of the programs. A site that has been made utilizing HTML is very simple to get improved.
  • HTML is a designer agreeable dialect that is very straightforward and worked upon.
  • HTML is again a web index inviting dialect that makes it less demanding to make SEO agreeable pages and furthermore furnish most extreme adaptability with least confusions.
  • Not at all like WordPress, HTML does not require general reinforcements after the site is live. There is no motivation to make another reinforcement with no progressions made in the current site.
  • Next to zero Maintenance – Once your site is live, you don’t have to introduce any updates or consistently reinforcement. In the case of nothing is transformed, you can just reinforcement your site once and forget about it.
  • Low Requirements – HTML sites needn’t bother with servers with PHP or MYSQL introduced on them. They can keep running on less expensive server with low assets. Albeit most great web facilitating organization offer PHP and MySQL bolster.


Disadvantages of using static HTML websites:

  • No Updates – Unless you know HTML/CSS, static HTML sites can be extremely hard to refresh for amateurs. You should procure an engineer notwithstanding for littler errands like including new pages, refreshing old substance, or transferring recordings or pictures.
  • No Additional Features – If your business develops and you need to add an element to your site like a store, an overview or survey, a display, and so on. The majority of this would expect you to procure a designer and by and large they would prescribe you to move to WordPress.
  • Expenses – Considering that you should enlist individuals notwithstanding for littlest assignments, the expense of a HTML site could get substantially higher than a WordPress site.


What’s best? WordPress vs Static HTML??

Since we know the advantages and disadvantages of both WordPress and HTML sites. We should discuss which one is better for your business site.

html vs CMS

On the off chance that you are sure that you will never need to refresh, change, or add anything new to your site, at that point by all methods go for a HTML site. It will be quicker and will fill your need.

In the event that you need to have the opportunity and control of your site and not squander cash on month to month retainers paying engineers to include pictures, at that point WordPress is clearly the better decision.

For the individuals who need develop their business site to profit, at that point WordPress is the best approach forward.

With the utilization of WordPress, the whole procedure turns out to be fast and simple however you may do not have some propelled highlights. It is dependably a decent pick for little and moderate size organizations. HTML positions ahead as far as being progressed and is an incredible wellspring of making undertaking gateways.

In this way, begin assessing your business objectives and afterward choose a compelling CMS.

Please Comment Your Thoughts on WordPress vs Static HTML and let us know which part you like or dislike.

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