So far, 1.78 crore infected in the world, number of dead more than 6.83 lakhs

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While the number of corona infected in the world on Saturday exceeded 1.78 crore, the number of dead has also increased to more than 6.83 lakh. Meanwhile, Mexico ranks third in terms of total deaths in the world beating Britain. With 688 deaths in 24 hours, the total deaths have been 46,688, compared to 46,119 in the UK.

Please tell that the corona infection has reached the worst condition in Latin American countries. The total number of infected cases has crossed 42.46 in Mexico with 8,458 new cases within 24 hours. In the world, America and Brazil remain number one and number two respectively.

In the US, the number of people who lost their lives in the last 24 hours with 1,462 deaths has crossed 1.56 lakh. In the last one day, the number of total infected has crossed 47.07 lakhs with more than 70 thousand cases.

The most affected states in the country are California and New York. In Brazil, more than 52,000 cases have been reported in 24 hours while 1,212 people have died in the same period. So far, more than 92,000 people have lost their lives in the country.

Americans will get corona vaccine in 2021
US doctor Anthony Fauci has said that he is confident that a corona virus vaccine will be ready early next year. Along with this, he has advised the people of America to always wear masks, follow social distance and wash hands frequently.

South Korea: Church leader arrested for guidelines violation
South Korean prosecutors arrested Lee Man-hee, an elderly leader of a religious sect, on charges of not following the corona virus guidelines. 88-year-old Lee is the president of Jesus Shinchonji Church and has denied the allegations. Out of a total of 14,336 infection cases in the country, more than 5,200 cases have been found related to the church.

Japan: Emergency on Okinawa Island
Japan has declared a state of emergency on Okinawa Island. People here have not been asked to leave the house for a week. On Friday, the number of infected has reached 395 with 71 new cases. On Saturday, 472 new cases were reported in Japan’s capital Tokyo. This is the highest number of cases reported here so far.

Vietnam: Third death in hot spot Da Nang
In Vietnam, a third person died due to corona virus. So far all three have died in Da Nang’s hospital. According to the Ministry of Health, a 68-year-old woman suffering from blood cancer and a 61-year-old elderly patient suffering from kidney problems have died. The first death in the country was of a 70-year-old man who had kidney problems.



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