One and a half lakhs were cheated from three councilors on the pretext of giving the budget of sanitizer, termed as loot of the PMO’s secretariat

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Updated Mon, 04 May 2020 03:24 PM IST

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Kanpur – In the guise of getting the budget of sanitization and sharing of masks by the central government, with the three councilors, a fraud of Rs 1.5 lakh was cheated. Cyber ​​thugs turned to PMO officers in turn and called the trio and took account of the accounts. Councilors in the bluff also told the OTP. After this, fraud was detected when the money crossed the accounts.

Cyber ​​cell in-charge Lon Singh said that the first call was received on Sunday morning to Kaushal Mishra, husband of Kaljupur Arts Councilor Anju Mishra. The caller, claiming himself to be an officer of the PMO Secretariat, gave the impression of a budget of Rs 10,000. After this, Kaushal asked for the details of the account of the councilor.

Kaushal informed the account of the councilor and another family member. After this, the fraudster blew Rs 40,000 from both accounts by asking OTP. After a while a similar call was received to Aryanagar councilor Amit Mishra. He too came to the fraudster and gave information about the account and crossed 60 thousand rupees from his account. After this, a call was reached to Councilor Rakesh Kumar of Parampurwa. His son picked up the phone and gave the account information as soon as he heard the name of the budget. As soon as the OTP was told, 45 thousand rupees were also blown out of his account. The cyber cell is reporting the matter on the complaint.

Counterfeit shop running in times of crisis

The Corona epidemic has also been made by fraudsters as a source of income. Prior to this, cases have been reported to raise money by creating fake ID of Prime Minister Relief Fund. People were also cheated by giving away frauds like free data packs and scholarships in mobile. Lawn Singh, the cyber cell in-charge, says that on receiving such calls, take correct information on the government website. Do not give account details to anyone over a phone call. Do not transfer money to someone emotionally on the appeal of help made on social media.



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