In this new scheme of Modi government, the injured will get free treatment of Rs 2.5 lakh in road accident

मोदी सरकार की नई योजना

Auto Desk, Web4Study, Updated Wed, 01 Jul 2020 02:07 PM IST

Modi government is going to keep its promise to the people. Under this, financial assistance will be provided to the injured person in road accidents. In fact, every year 1.5 lakh people die in road accidents in the country. That is, according to an average, about 400 people die every day in road accidents. A major cause of road accident deaths is the lack of proper treatment in the first few hours. In such a situation, the Amendment Motor Vehicles Act was brought last year by the Central Government to curb these accidents, in which the provision of challans up to 10 times more than before was made for breaking traffic rules. Apart from this, it was also said that free treatment of those injured in road accidents was also done in this act. The central government is now going to turn it into reality.



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