IIT Bombay Student Becomes Trackman

IIT Bombay student

RRB Group D: IIT Bombay student becomes trackman, know it why he chose Railway Group D job

A student from IIT Bombay has joined Railway Group D job. Shravan Kumar of Bihar is now working as a trackman at Dhanbad railway station.

The importance of government jobs can be imagined from the fact that an IIT Bombay student has joined Railway Group D (RRB Group D) job. Shrawan Kumar of Bihar decided to work in Railways instead of working in multinational companies. In 2010, Shravan took admission in the Integrated Dual Degree Course at the Metrology and Material Science Branch of IIT Bombay. In the year 2015, he was awarded B.Tech and M.Tech degrees. After completion of studies, he started preparations and cracked Indian Railway Group D Exam. Now he is looking after the work of the trackman at Dhanbad railway station. He has been posted in the Dhanbad railway division.

But after all, why did Shravan Kumar, who studies from IIT Bombay, thought of working in the post of Railway Group D instead of doing a job in multinational companies? Shravan says that there is job security in government jobs. Many of my friends are in the private sector, but they wanted to do a government job.

Shravan says I sincerely hope that I will become a big officer one day in the future. Presently, Shravan is carrying the responsibility given by the Railways. Shravan’s elder brother Ranjit Kumar also works in PWD in Patna.


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