If you have HDFC bank credit card, then late payment will be expensive from September 1

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If you have HDFC Bank credit card, then late payment from September 1 will be more expensive. The largest private sector bank has announced to increase the late payment charge on credit cards. HDFC gave this information on its website. According to this, new charges will be applied on all other types of credit cards except Infinia cards.

It is known that if the minimum amount of the credit card bill is not paid till due date, or if the payment amount is not credited to the bank card account till due date, the bank charges late payment charge from the customers. This late payment charge is not charged on the Infinia credit card.

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Statement Balance (in rupees)Late payment charge (till 31 August 2020)Late payment charge (from 1 September 2020)
Less than 100 rupees
100 – 500100 rupees100 rupees
501 – 5,000500 rupees500 rupees
5,001 – 10,000600 rupees600 rupees
10,001 – 25,000800 rupees800 rupees
25,001 – 50,000950 rupeesRs 1,100
More than 50,000950 rupeesRs 1,300

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That is, late payment charges will have to be paid at the same rate up to DU amount up to Rs 25,000. But if there is a DU of more than this, additional charge will have to be paid after 31 August. Right now, late payment charges of Rs 950 are levied on the amount of Rs 25,000 to 50,000, which will be Rs 1,100 from September 1. Similarly, a charge of more than Rs 50,000 is currently charged Rs 950, which will increase to Rs 1,300.

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In addition, duplicate physical statement charges will be collected from customers from September. The charge for a duplicate physical statement has been fixed at Rs 10.

You will find other information related to this on HDFC website. For this, click on the link given below.



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