Hyundai brings the most unique car in the country

Hyundai Car (सांकेतिक)

Auto Desk, Web4Study, Updated Sat, 04 Jul 2020 03:01 PM IST

You may have heard of a car with no gear, a car with no fuel, but have you heard of a car without a clutch? Now you will say that the automatic car does not have a clutch, which is the correct answer. But now if we were to ask you, have you heard of any car that has a manual gearbox but not a clutch? Yes, this is not a joke but a reality. Hyundai is soon coming to India with a car that will have a manual transmission but will not have a clutch paddle. Now your second question will be what kind of car it will be and how it will work, then its answer in the slide,



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