How to Overcome Exam fear

How to Overcome Exam fear

Nowadays student are getiing more tension about their future and for this they are killing 
their life.They are doing along what world do but they are not thinks a moment before getting
enroll into any new program,course or any coaching institute .They do what thier parents told
i preffer you do what you actually want not others want from you.

and after enrolling in your choice stream just focus on that and don't see back until you reach
their ,but some time many obstacles comes in our path So today i told you soltuion of all your

THis article is written basically for students who are enrolled in any course like
12th cbse, iit jee advance & mains ,neet ,cat, and many other entrance tests

So here are some tips to achieve your goals;

1.Start Revising early


students who start revising their syllabus early are having more chances to get succes so basically if you start early you will have to follow only few tips and its will be easier for you.And never think that you havent studed till and now you will not get any succes because  its only a myth and you can prove it wrong by following all these tips.


2.Time Table


mostly student find that making time table will help them to study but its wrong because making time table is a part of succes but the real thing is that to follow that time table.

if you are appearing for cbse board then i will suggest you to make time accoding to chapter

like you have chemistry paper then first revise chapter in which you are perfect then go through the syallbus and select chapter one by one whih you likes easy among all and at last you see you have revised max. 80% of syllabus .

leave that 20% and again revise that 80% part ,and on exam day take out some time beofre exam and go through that 20% i bet you will definatesly get succes through this.

now those whose applying for entrace i will like to say that they only concentrae only on their best subject dont run towrads achiving everything because some times we loose every thing in search for more.

so first prepare your best subject then go that subject you like easier then other and if you are having trouble with any subject which you dont like to study do not leave that because sometime they can also help us to gain marks so prepare them weekendly ,select any day and concentrate on only one subject on that day

for entrace giving student that dont study one day before exam just relax and leave all for tomorrow

3.Making of time table

and at last i would like to say that dont make your time table as all makes it will not help

like all thinks if they will wake up at 5 am they can study but i say its more easier to wake till 5am to wheras to wake up at 5am so make your time table with your comfort.

4.sleeping schedule

sleep 7-8 hours a day but not continuesly you have to take nap in laps

like study till 2-3am and then take 3 hour sleep and wake up in mornig do breakfast and do all your neccesary thing and do yoga also then study for 3 hours again and after take break and its time to take lunch after lunch get sleep for 2 hours and wake up at 5pm now do what you want and study 1 hour before dinner .go to sleep after dinner and complete your remaining 3 hours sleep and now reapeat this time table.

5.excersise your brain

Studying throughout the day is sure to cause you more anxiety of completing the portions. Taking time out to play games which you like is a stress buster. There are various options for such stress busters. Riding your bicycle for a short distance, going for a short walk, going to the gym, doing gardening, doing any other house chores are some sort of activities that will destress  and refresh your mind.

exercise enifit the brain  y reducing insulin resitance,stimulatingthe relase and survival of new blood vessels in the brain

meditation can be one such exercise that teaches us how to transform negtaive thouhhts to postive ones and plant contructive thoughts and take you to the world full of calm and peace

laughter is again considered the best medcineto shed away the stress. So

6. Don’t compare with your friends:


You must understand that each one in the school or college are not same. Everyone has different ways to study and understand the subject. So even revising a subject is different for each one of you. Never make comparison on the subjects you have done with your friend. Some have the habit of calling their friend and ask how are they preparing and how much he/she has covered.


7.balanced meal

Students often tend to skip a meal or breakfast during exam time,its a big mistake they made beacause skpping meals doest help you to get success in fact skipping meals may can loose vital nutrients and it give bad impact on your brain. So if you are living in or any hosteal ask them to give nutients diet beacuse i have seen that in pg and hostel we dont get our daaily needed nureints so ask more money for exam time from your parents to adjust nurients socurces .

1.drink juice daily

2.if you are non vegetrian thenyou can consume meat twice a week for better nutreints keep mind cool only consume good products and stay away from any food thats ditract your mind like,cigrates alchol junk food etc. study

Group study helps one to analyse what is important or what you had overlooked .group study is best option for you because it helps to understand that topic also from which you are ffraid off.You could try out this option to stay connected with your buddies also. but spend only your free time in groips beacuse in froups sometimes we ditract from the ttopic and we are on another track so do not discuss topic that you have laready studied only topic in which you are having doubts. positive

never underestimate anyone and dont comare anyone with yourself all are made for thier purpose only because all are not made for what they are doing sometime we are on worng track and when we donot get succes we get depressed and treid many studp things like sucide its not your fault because you donot get succes beacuse you are on a worng track and whn times comes all will get their track in which they got success.

evrytime be postive and busy yourself in work that your mind dosnt get time to think about these stupid things how you can decise your succes without compelting your track .so just focus on on your path in which you are and if you dont get simply thought that you are just on a wrong path and gods want us to walk on another .dont close ypur path anytime

10.Ask for help

When you feel you need help with any subject or you feel strresed out ask your parents or friends or teachers for help

still you are getting problem related mind distaction or you are feeling alone please do not took any badstep

so you can contact me for any query realetd  stress or carrier – 8398010123

if you aslo want aticle on  any other tpic you can send us mesaage about that tpoic or you arhaving any other issue like how and from where to study etc. feel free to contact me (call me only after 5pm) or message me any time when you need help

here i consult youan alarm app to help to wake u on time

you can find o it play store


Alarmy (Sleep If U Can) – Alarm clock


you can dissbale thorgh maths problem and many other option are also available





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