Do not be worried about increasing cases inside Delhi, do not worry about the lockdown exemption: Kejriwal

arvind kejriwal

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal held a press conference on Monday afternoon to give information about Delhi’s preparedness to fight Corona. He has appealed to people not to be concerned about the growing corona cases. Also, he has also said that don’t be afraid of the exemption from lockdown in the capital.

He definitely said that if the figure of deaths increases then it will be a matter of concern but you do not need to be worried. He further explained about the provision of beds for the infected, from ventilation to ventilators.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal admitted that Corona cases have increased slightly since the lockdown was opened, but the number of people who went home after recovering has also increased. Kejriwal said that the condition is under control in Delhi and there is sufficient number of beds, oxygen cylinders and ventilators in hospitals, there is no need to panic.

Also gave the figure of beds
Kejriwal said that till yesterday there were 13418 cases, 6540 were cured and 6617 are sick now. At the same time, 261 have died. Describing the condition of Delhi hospitals, he said that there are 3829 beds in hospitals of the capital, oxygen is available on 3164 beds. I am talking about oxygen because there is no treatment of corona. There are patients on 1478 beds, 2500 beds are still empty.

Private hospitals also asked to be ready
Kejriwal has said that private hospitals have also been called to prepare Corona beds. This will make 2000 beds more available.

Now there are cases without symptoms
Kejriwal told that now such cases are coming in which there are no symptoms. Today 3314 people are being treated at home, about 2000 people will be treated in hospitals. 1500 beds in GTB Hospital are being prepared for Corona. 2000 beds have also been ordered yesterday.

3500 patients increased after one week relaxation
Kejriwal said that after a week of relaxation, 3500 patients have increased in the city and 2.5 thousand have been cured.

Also told the condition of a private hospital
Explaining the negligence of a private hospital, the chief minister said, a patient was suffering from shortness of breath in a private hospital, he got corona, the private hospital refused to treat. We have issued show cause notices to the hospital as to why their license should not be canceled. “



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