Despite having a successful career, these stars settled abroad, some went ‘America’, and some ‘Norway’

सौम्या सेठ, संग्राम सिंह, सेलिना जेटली

Entertainment Desk, Web4Study, Updated Sun, 24 May 2020 03:38 AM IST

Soumya Seth, Sangram Singh, Selina Jaitley
– Photo: Social Media

Bollywood celebrities or television stars all step into the industry with hopes of their successful careers. These celebs also do many things to make their career successful. Although some people pass it, some people fail. But there are some people in the industry who, despite having a successful career, leave everything and leave. There are many such stars who have left their successful acting careers and settled abroad. You are going to tell about the same stars in this package.



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