Car Tips: Now the tires of the car will be up to one lakh kilometers, you will have to do these three important tasks!

tyre balancing

Auto Desk, Web4Study, New Delhi, Updated Tue, 30 Jun 2020 02:25 PM IST

Tires are an important part of a car. At the same time, they are the important link between the car and the road. If the tires are good, then the driver has a great experience in driving, as well as the confidence to control the car properly. If there is less puncture or air in one of the tires, then the confidence of the best driver staggers. But some people do not care about the tires and put the car in the pits, etc., whose tires are not only bad, but also their balancing etc. problems arise. The brunt of which they have to pay by paying huge bills. Know what is necessary to keep tires healthy



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