Big relief for Delhi, 14% infection rate reduced in two weeks

सांकेतिक तस्वीर

The relief news for Delhiites is that the corona infection rate is steadily decreasing. Now only 10 out of 100 people are getting infected. At one time this number had reached 35.

According to the Delhi Health Department, the rate was 24 per cent till 23 June, which has now come down to less than 10 per cent. On June 23, out of 16152 people, 3947 cases of corona were reported.

Therefore, the infection rate was 26 percent. On July 5, a total of 2244 cases were investigated in the investigation of 23,136 people. Now the infection rate is 9.8 percent. That is, the infection rate has decreased by 14 percent in the last two weeks. The rate reached 35 per cent during 15 May. At that time only 6500 investigations were getting average cases. As of June 5, the rate was 27 percent.

Thus the infection rate decreased

Date transition rate
23 June 24
25 June 20
27 June 15.48
29 June 13
30 June 12.80
01 July 13
02 July 12.33
03 July 11.0
04 July 11.3
05 July 9.8
Note: The figures are according to the Department of Health.

Significantly, 2244 new cases of corona virus were reported on Sunday. While 63 people have died. On Sunday, 3083 patients were discharged in the capital. With this, the total number of infected people has increased to 99444. So far, 71339 people have become healthy in Delhi. So far, 3067 people have died in the capital due to corona virus. There are currently 25038 active cases in Delhi.

Delhi Health Department has informed that 9873 RT-PCR and 13263 rapid antigen tests have been done on Sunday. A total of 643504 corona investigations have been conducted so far in the capital.

Keeping in view the situation, Chief Minister Kejriwal said that at present there is no shortage of beds in hospitals. We have 15000 beds, out of which 5300 are undergoing treatment. Yes there is a shortage of ICU beds. If there is an increase in corona cases in Delhi, then these beds will prove to be very important for us.



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