59 apps banned from China, see here list of top 10 apps in China

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News Desk, Web4Study, New Delhi, Updated Mon, 29 Jun 2020 11:50 PM IST

The Indian government has given a big blow to China by banning 59 mobile apps owned by China, which has many big companies including Tick-Talk. There was a demand to stop tick-talk since the India-China border dispute. Let’s know which are the top 10 apps of China in India and how many downloads they have …

1. Tick-Talk
The most popular app in India at the moment is Tick-Talk. Tik-Talk is an app in which small videos are made and uploaded. This app will be available for download in smartphones of all sections of the country. Even many big celebrities have downloaded this app. According to a report, 39 users of the tick-talk app from all over the world are from India and their age is between 16-24 years.



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