2G services extended in Jammu and Kashmir till 27 April

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2G services in Jammu and Kashmir have been extended till 27 April. According to news agency ANI these services will be available only on post paid and verified pre-paid SIMs.

Earlier, there was news that the students are not being affected due to the lack of 4G Internet service in the midst of lockdown. The teachers of the schools are sending the teaching material through WhatsApp, but due to low internet speed, this material is not able to reach the children. Nor is video calling happening.

WhatsApp is the only way through which notes, assignments and their photos or videos can be sent. But video send is not possible due to reduced 2G internet speed, teachers and school managers have demanded the government to restore 4G internet service soon.

4G service has been stopped in the state for the last eight months. Students are now in trouble after starting classes online after the school closes after the lockdown. The 2G speed is up to 50 Kbps, making it difficult to download or upload photos and videos. In such a situation, the teachers are facing difficulty in sending the teaching material to the children through WhatsApp.

Due to the lockdown, students have started online classes in the education department, but the most important aspect in this is that the children of some government and private schools are below the poverty line, who do not have a smartphone, the biggest problem for them Huh. Teachers are putting in assignments, notes etc. in the WhatsApp group daily, but are not able to reach all the students. Some hilly areas of Upjila Basohli are such, there is no mobile network, children are facing problems there too. Students and parents of the area have demanded the government to take effective steps for online education and restore 4G internet service.

ZEPO Naresh Sharma said that the online classes are being conducted through the WhatsApp group. WhatsApp groups of 43 government schools are currently active, with four secondary school, 10 high school and 29 middle school WhatsApp groups active, efforts are being made to form such groups in primary school too.

Ankur Arora, MD, Veer Savarkar Private School Basohli, said that the lack of 4G facilities is affecting the children’s education completely. Online classes will not be successful until proper internet access is provided. Presently, the lecture teachers who are preparing are not able to reach the children.



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